We are, indeed, standing together on the threshold of a New Year. The year we’re seeing out the door tonight was quite an improvement over 2020 in a lot of ways. But all-in-all, it’s been a tough year, truth be told.

None of us can say with any certainly what 2022 will be like. I’m expecting that it will bring humanity a lot of challenges and setbacks. And that some of them will be very daunting.

While I quite frankly don’t see a lot of reason for optimism, I’m quite certain of this: 2022 will be a better year if we can recover a sense of community, of being in this together.

Most of the signs are not pointing in that hoped-for direction as I write these words tonight. If we find a way to begin to heal our differences and work together to solve our corporate problems, we will all be the better for it.

I pray that we will. If we fail in that task, this nascent year may be a dark one, indeed.

Ben Lawrence Basile

© 2021 Benjamin Lawrence Basile

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