John Basile is the CFO of the FSF. John founded a successful non-profit youth sports league in 1993 and served as its President for over 20 years. With his long experience in the planning and guiding of non-profits and his skill in meeting new challenges, John is in a good position to help guide the Fellowship in its formative years. Phil 4:13

Ben Basile is the Director of Ministry for the Fellowship and serves as its first ordained minister. Ben felt a call into the ministry at the age of 12 and prepared for it with both educational pursuits and extensive lay-ministry activities. Ben received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1976 and began Graduate Studies in Divinity in 1981. Because of pressing work and family responsibilities, Ben left the Master’s program after completing the first year. Mr Basile believes that the launching of the FSF is the means by which he will be able to answer the call of the Divine One and at last begin the work of ministry. Luke 22:27

Stacey Dalili serves as the CCO, or Chief Compassion Officer of the Fellowship of St Francis. She demonstrated impressive mastery of the skill of getting travelers to their desired destinations as a dispatch supervisor in the transportation field. That skill set will prove useful in the FSF as she helps to guide spiritual travelers on their journeys. As the mother of five children, she’s also mastered the skill of bringing compassion to bear in all of life’s situations. Proverbs 31:28