There are few things in Nature as beautiful as a tabebuia tree. The photo here is of one I tended, watered and pruned for nine years. Lovely tree; it was a gift from our next door neighbor.

The fact that a tabebuia only blooms for a few days each spring does not detract from its beauty. It’s a reminder for me that life is fleeting and we blossom for a brief season, then fall away and return to the earth. It is good to have your day in the sun!

Though these lovely trees are barren now, there are some beautiful trees, fairly-common in the Sunshine State, which display their gorgeous, bright-yellow blossoms in summer’s sultry heat! I refer to the yellow poinciana, better known to arborists as the peltophorum.

You might say that the tabebuia and the yellow poinciana are cousins.

I’ve seen more than a few of them around Central Florida in the last three or four summers; they’re quite a spectacle for those of us who crave a little color in the Florida landscape before autumn’s arrival. They seem to blossom from the top down and the blossoms last a good, long while. They can grow up to 50 ft tall; I’ve seen one nearly that size near the entrance to Disney’s Jambo House Resort.

Count me as one of those Floridians who stays indoors a lot more at this time of year. Day after day of temps in the mid-nineties gets old pretty quick. When I do motor about from place to place here in our subtropical paradise, it’s such a welcome pleasure to be greeted by those lovely yellow blossoms.

Brother Ben

© 2019 The Fellowship of St Francis, Inc.

Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

2 thoughts on “In Praise of Blossoming Trees

  1. Hi Ben,

    I really enjoyed this post. 🙂

    I agree these trees are a pleasure to look at. The community in which I live did have several of them, both the yellow and pink varieties, but sadly, they took them all away last year when they redid the landscaping 😦 (my guess would be because the flowers fell all over the sidewalks and made not-so-beautiful messes when trampled on). I did enjoy them while they lasted though. And I had not known the name until I read your post which led me to Google the trees (mostly to figure out how to pronounce Tabebuia) and I found out that they are also known as “Golden Trumpet” trees.

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    1. They are beautiful! So many reasons to be intoxicated at the beauty of nature! And these trees are one! And at the springtime of the year, Nature’s beauty is all around us!

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