I’m thinking that just about anyone who reads this has heard the aphorism

“Prayer Changes Things”

A few months ago, I drove by a Church in the downtown Orlando area and read this on the sign out front:

“Prayer doesn’t change things. Prayer changes people and people change things!”

I’m not at all trying to make a commentary on prayer or different ideas about prayer or about spirituality in general. I believe we all can and should create our own spiritual path.

But I found myself in agreement with the idea that brief message contained.

And that’s all the more reason to pray.

Brother Ben

© 2019 The Fellowship of St Francis, Inc.

One thought on “They say “Prayer Changes Things”

  1. Prayer is really just focused intention. And whether you believe in one god, many gods, or no god, evidence suggests that there really is a lot of power behind focused intention no matter who or what you believe is on the other side of the “prayer.”

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