I am a man who strives to be compassionate and believes that the life and teachings of Jesus still show us how to live and how to treat others in the 21st Century.

I believe that the tide of ugliness coming from elected officials and so-called leaders of the evangelical churches is a tragedy and must be countered with a renewed emphasis on modeling the compassion, teaching and life of Jesus.

I also believe that we have failed miserably in our stewardship of the Earth, our common home, and that this is also a grave failure of our corporate will and must be urgently addressed.

These two horrible trends–the abrogation of the clear teachings of Jesus to follow in his footsteps and our failings to care for the Earth and all her inhabitants–must be resisted and must be countered with clear teachings and committed actions.

That is the mission, the driving force, behind our movement.

Brother Ben

© 2019 The Fellowship of St Francis, Inc.

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