What’s the reading on your Happiness Meter?

Like a whole lot of people, I spent the first 30 or so years of my life acting as though my happiness depended on other people and on life’s circumstances.

I won’t be at all surprised if many–if not most–of you can relate to that.

I’m not quite sure how that began to change for me, but it was a very big deal.

It can be a revolutionary idea to know that each one of us is responsible for our happiness, for our contentment.

I am not saying that we can always keep our equilibrium and a big grin on our faces when difficulty comes around. And we all know that it does from time-to-time.

But regardless of what life brings our way, we can choose to be happy.

Having said that, choosing to ignore pressing issues in our lives, or in the larger world “out there”, is not a good strategy. That’s not what I’m saying, either.

But we can–and we should–choose happiness every time it comes to our awareness.

If we wait for others or for some splendid, wonderful event to “make us” happy, we’ll be waiting in vain.

Be happy today! You deserve it!

Brother Ben

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Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, my kids’ school sent home a rock with each student. Their assignment was to paint the rock, and they would all be placed in the school’s Serenity Garden.

My daughter painted her vision of the Earth with the words “Love is the Answer” on it. But, after some contemplation, she decided to paint over “is the Answer” and just leave “Love”.  Why? Because although she believes in her heart that love really is the answer to all the problems of this world, she knows that if we just learn to love the Earth, we will love our way to the answer.

Big hugs.

-Stacey ❤

The Cold Monster Cometh

Back on Monday night I started to feel it. That funny tickle you get in your throat when the cold monster begins to stalk you.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I knew that it was for real and that I was in for another three days of total misery.

You know the drill: feelin’ like you’re gonna die and afraid you might not!

At times in those first 18 hours, it seemed like it might not be all that bad. But in the end is was a rough one. The fever, chills and delirium lasted for the better part of Wednesday.

I’m much better now four days in and grateful that I was able to move around work commitments and all of that. Still lots of coughing and so on. Been here before.

Because of my severe allergies, I have been through this scenario many times.

I’d love it if this were the last one but I know it’s not. So what I’m focusing on–other than the usual prevention strategies–is to do what works in any of life’s difficult or unpleasant situations: use the tools in my tool bag and ask for help.

I have more OTC cold preparations than CVS and several of my friends showed their caring and support in many ways.

That made a three day knot of misery almost bearable.

Helping to keep the FSF moving forward and my blogging in general were a couple of things that were placed on hold for the last 3 1/2 days.

I’m delighted to be out of that nasty, cold-induced funk and ready to be productive again.

Brother Ben

We’re being so Courteous Today!

Yes, we are! It is National Common Courtesy Day, you know! So I wanted to put up this quick post and invite my vast readership to be really, really courteous! All day!

What?! You’re already doing that, 365 days a year?

Me, too!

So, here’s my fall-back plan: if you see anyone acting discourteously today, kindly tell them what day it is, ask them to forego being all mean and stuff and let them know they’re all-good to begin acting the fool again effective tomorrow!

Just make sure you do so in a very, very courteous way!

Your paragon of total courtesy, I am,

brother ben